What Can We do to ensure teens thrive?

Dr Abraham provides practical tools and strategies through workshops and lectures to teens, parents, schools & organizations, and companies.   

Workshops For Teens

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Anisha provides engaging, humorous, and interactive training workshops on a variety of pre-teen and teen health topics for youth at schools and organizations.

Her most popular workshops include:

  • Moving on Up: Transitioning from High School to What’s Next

  • Handling Stress; Creating a Toolbox for Wellness

  • Staying Happy, Healthy and Confident

  • Body Image and Eating Issues

  • Puberty, Sexuality and Healthy Relationships

  • Handling Social Media and Peer Pressure

  • Building Resilience and Addressing Failure

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Workshops For Parents


Being a parent isn't always easy. Anisha knows this. In a relatable, nonjudgmental way, she helps the parents of teens address some of the questions they grapple with.

How do I maintain a healthy relationship with my child? How do I help my teen to build self-confidence? What are the signs of a body image issue? Many parents have questions regarding addressing stress, social media, and other teen issues and how to best provide support and guidance to their adolescent. Anisha provides comprehensive workshops and seminars based on current research and clinical practices to help equip parents with key skills and knowledge

The most popular workshops include:

  • Raising Teens to be Happy, Healthy and Confident Adults

  • Getting into Teen Brains

  • Promoting Positive Body Image and Preventing Eating Disorders

  • Preparing for What’s Next

  • Let’s Talk about Sex: Pubertal development, sexual health and positive relationships

  • Raising Global Teens

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workshops For Schools and Organizations


How do we improve our health curriculum? How do we address issues like sexting or suicide? How can empower students to maintain optimal health and well-being? Educators and health professionals working with teens often want to know how best to approach youth and engage them. Anisha provides inspirational training seminars and workshops based on the needs of the school or organization that are designed to make change and improve wellness. She also reviews and provides strategic guidance on health curriculum for grades K-12.

Anisha's workshops include:

  • Cultivating Personal Strength and Building Resilience

  • Communicating with Teens

  • Adolescent Physical, Emotional and Psychological Development

  • Consent, Relationships, and Sexual Health for Teens

  • Working with Overweight and Obese Teens

  • Transition of Care and Teens

  • Working with Chronically Ill Teens

  • Screening and Counseling Teens with High Risk Issues

  • Child and Adolescent Health Determinants: Creating Public Health Models for Change

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Seminars and Consulting For Companies


Companies and organizations targeting youth may need help engaging and empowering teens. Based on her experience creating and leading clinics, and working with hospitals, NGOs, and health care companies in a variety of settings, Anisha provides guidance on creating and implementing a teen health strategy, reviewing digital or print content, and developing marketing strategies for youth.

Consultations can include:

  • Private workshops and seminars focused on engaging and working with pre-teens and teens

  • Keynote speaker and panel participation

  • Teen oriented digital, video, and manuscript development and review

  • Adolescent health care strategy

  • Marketing strategies aimed at teens

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